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Minutes for May 15, 2015

Date: Friday May 15, 2015

Time: 7:30 PM

Place of Meeting: Anaheim Convention Center, Hall 202A

Meeting Facilitator: Andrew Masiel Sr.

1. Call to order: Caucus First Vice Chair MaryAnn Andreas at 7:30PM

Blessing- The meeting was blessed by Caucus Member Alex Tortes

3. Minutes – Debra Broner, Treasurer, reviewed the minutes from the November 14,

2014 Caucus meeting. The minutes were accepted by consensus with no changes.

4. Treasurer Report – Treasurer Broner provided a summarized accounting of the

Caucus’ finances.

5. Dues – Treasurer Broner and Parliamentarian Mary Ellen Early explained to those

in attendance the process for paying dues as required to be a voting member of

the Caucus.

6. Caucus Board Member Nominations/Elections Parliamentarian  Early reviewed the Native American Caucus Slate and stated that nominations from the floor

were open for 2 At Large Board Member positions. Following review the Slate of officers was approved with no opposition, excluding the At Large Board Member positions.

Each position accepted in the Slate ran unopposed.

 a) Chairman  - Andrew Masiel, Sr.

 b) Vice Chairman  - 1. Mary Ann Andreas / 2. Joely Proudfit

 c) Secretary – Denise Turner Walsh

 d) Treasurer – Debra Broner

e) Parliamentarian – Mary Ellen Early


Following Parliamentarian Early asked for nominations for At Large Board Member candidates to fill two open positions. 3 persons were nominated Jason Hodge, Sharon Mossmon

and Chrissie Castro. Each candidate introduced themselves and following Parliamentarian Early took a hand vote to determine who would be selected by the Caucus.

Jason Hodge and Chrissie Castro were determined to have the majority votes and were elected a At Large Board Members.

7. Legislative Update –


Alex Tortes provided information on the following:

a) American Indian/Alaska Native memorial planned to be built at the Riverside National Cemetery. Mr. Tortes requested support of the

Caucus by disseminating the information to potential donors and other groups who may assist in making the plan a reality. More information

may be accessed at

b) AB 73 (Medina) Policing on Tribal Lands - B 373 (Medina) seeks to require each police chief, county sheriff, or

other head of a law enforcement agency to assess his/her jurisdiction to determine if any Indian tribal lands, as defined, lie within their agency's

jurisdiction. If such jurisdiction exists, the agency head will ensure that those officers employed by the agency who work in, or adjacent to,

Indian tribal lands, or who may be responsible for responding to calls for service or criminal investigation on, or adjacent

to, Indian tribal lands, complete a course that includes, but is not limited to, a review of PL-280 that is prescribed by the Commission on

Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). It was discussed and a motion was made to have a letter sent from the NA Caucus in

support of AB 373, motion passed by consensus. It was also agreed that the information provided along with respective statuses on the NA Caucus website.

8. Update AB 52 (Gatto) – Corrina Garbani Sanchez provided an update on the status of AB 52. The bill became law on September of 2014 and it goes into effect July 1,

2015. This law is a major step in bridging the divide between tribes and governments concerning respectful treatment of our cultural resources –

resources that are a vital component of our identity and life ways and essential to upholding tribal sovereignty. Assemblyman Mike Gatto joined the presentation

and addressed members of the Caucus present.

9. State Mascot issue – Assemblyman Luis Alejo spoke on AB 30, a bill he introduced end the use of “Redskins” as a mascot in California public schools, once and for

all.  According to Assemblyman Alejo, there’s no reason why we can’t get that accomplished and phase out that particular derogatory term from our public high

schools. The number of California high schools using Redskins as a mascot is four: Calaveras, Chowchilla, Gustine and Tulare high schools all use it. Mountain Empire

High School in Pine Valley and Colusa High School recently changed their names to Red Hawks. Last year, the state Assembly waded into the controversy over the

Washington Redskins NFL mascot debate by passing a resolution, led by Alejo, urging the team to change its name. AB 30 addressed only ending the use of


10. Representative Xaview Becerra, 34th Congressional District addressed Caucus

members present.

11. Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon addressed Caucus members present.

12. Secretary of State Alex Padilla addressed Caucus members present.

13. Guests / Candidate Visits:

• Fiona Ma, Member, State Board of Equalization

• Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner

• Michael Cervantes, Representative from Congresswoman Norma

Torres’ Office, 35th Congressional District

• Laura Friedman, City of Glendale Councilmember

• Sabrina Cervantes Candidate for AD 60

• Robert Frost, Candidate for AD 60

• Abigail Medina, Candidate for AD 40

• Ash Kalra, Candidate for AD 27

• Dr. Joaquin Arambula, Candidate AD 31

• Darcie Green, Candidate AD 27

• Greg Rodriguez, Candidate AD 42

• Christina Gagnier, Candidate 40

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM, with the announcement of a TASIN sponsored reception

at 10:00pm in Room 207D

Respectfully submitted,

Corrine R. Garbani Sanchez