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July 11, 2014 E-Board Meeting Minutes

Native American Caucus E-Board Meeting July 11, 2014

Oakland Marriott City Center


1. Chairman Andrew Masiel Sr. called the meeting to order at 6 pm

2. Blessing

3. Minutes from the November 22, 2013 e-board were approved

4. Treasurer reported a balance of $272.83 the room cost for the 2014 convention was $298.96

5. Washington Redskins issue on the agenda - action to be taken : Chairman Masiel discussed

a resolution for the November 2014 e-board is being prepared to deal with how Native

Americans are portrayed

6. Discussion on the language that was submitted to the Platform committee, we passed out

copies of the language that was submitted by the NAC.

7. Copies of the current legislative updates were distributed to the membership and Chairman

Masiel reviewed the report with the membership.

8. Mary Ellen Early and Debra Broner read the first reading of the bylaw change. Article III -

Membership Dues

Adding to Section 4 - Sponsorships rates $5,000.

current bylaw language reads “ sponsorships provide the Native American Caucus the funds to

conduct meetings. The following sponsorships for annual (1 year) membership fee are available

at the following rate: $1,000., $500., $250., $100., $50., $25”

so the proposed change is to add $5,000. to the sponsorship rate

The regular yearly dues are $15.

$5. for low income/ elders / students

9. Items from the caucus floor were: Mary Ellen Early Democratic National Committee report

and Sandy Hester spoke about California Native American Appreciation Day on September 26 .

10. the following candidates or ballot proposition campaigns spoke to the caucus membership:

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones spoke for Yes on Prop 45

Eric Andrist Yes on prop 46

Eric Enriquez and Dr. Luther Cobb -No on 46

Paulina Miranoa State Senate District 8 candidate

Kathy Bowler - No on Prop 45

Betyt Yee candidate for State Controller

Tim Sheridan candidate for CD 42