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EBoard Hotel Room Block Open

Our summer Executive Board meeting will take place on the weekend of July 27-29 in Anaheim at the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort. E Board members will vote to take positions on the November ballot propositions and will elect DNC members for the 2012-16 term.

You can register for the E Board and book your hotel room with our special CDP discount, by visiting our one-stop-shop E Board page here.

Registration is $40 and you can also purchase an Observer pass for the same amount.

The special E Board rate at the Sheraton Park Hotel is $142 per night for a single / double.

Tip: You can avoid paying registration charges by signing up one new member to our Donate Every Month (DEM) 2012 program.

Once again, you can register, purchase E Board lunch tickets [speaker to be announced] or Observer passes, and book your hotel room using our one-stop-shop E Board page here.

Please note we will NOT be selling luncheon tickets onsite. If you are interested in attending the luncheon, you must purchase a ticket by 5pm on July 16, 2012.

We look forward to seeing you in Anaheim.

The CDP Team

** In order to vote, and have one’s vote counted, at this meeting, a member must have timely paid their dues to This Committee (or had them waived), registered for the meeting, obtained their credential prior to the close of credentialing, and completed and returned to the proper authority any ballot that may be issued.